Freeview offers up to 50 television channels and 20+ radio channels through your television aerial. There are also High Definition channels and interactive channels via the “red” button.

If you have an existing television aerial, Freeview is the simplest and cost effective way to receive digital television.

Most televisions now have freeview built in, if not, all you need to do is connect a set-top-box to your television. There are different types of services available:

  • Freeview
  • Freeview +
  • Freeview HD

+ allows you to record and watch television programmes, and the HD is High Definition. Most HD receivers allow you to watch and record standard or high definition television programmes.

Freeview is subscription and contract free, with a one off cost for equipment

You can however make one off payments to watch BT Sports or ESPN, these services are available from BT Vision and Top Up TV

You can find out more information and see the full range of channels on the Freeview website.  Eden Group can also help advise further on what you may need.

If you require additional television points you can often extend from an existing socket or take additional feeds from the aerial with an appropriate splitter or booster.  

Please do not be fooled into thinking that a booster is always required!  They only need fitted where there is poor quality or week television signal or where mutiply points are requried and the signal is not strong enought to achieve CAI standards. 

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