Common Stairs

Factored stairs

Most common stairs have factors to help manage door entry system and common access doors.  If you live in a stair that is factored you should raise any faults or issues with them directly.

Most common television aerial and door entry faults are normally maintained by factors

In some cases you may be responsible for equipment within your property.  You may be expected to arrange private repairs yourself; Eden Group can off course help!  Many factors however expect repairs to be arranged via them.

Each factor has different approaches so you should seek advice before arranging any work.  Eden Group provides services to the majority of property factors so do contact us if you are uncertain. 

If you are a factor and would like to know more about our services please click here.

Common Stairs within the Edinburgh Area

The Edinburgh and surrounding area can face additional challenges when dealing with common stair entry phone systems as many common stairs do not have factors.

Each stair has considerations that can vary from one stair to the next. This is often complicated in that many properties are owned by landlords and co-ordinating money can be difficult.

Statutory notices were one approach used to within Edinburgh City of Council.  Please see this information about its current status.

Eden Group have installed and repaired common stair entry phone systems for over 30 years. A framework has been developed to help you co-ordinate repairs amongst other residents.

For new installations or upgrades we can provide a free estimate. If you have a fault and require a repair please contact us to discuss further.