Automatic door openers and closers can been install in a wide range of situations. These can be custom designed and installed to individual circumstances. They can be added to existing doors or organised with builders/joiners for new installations. Some examples of the types of solutions include:

  • Auto openers can aid people with wheelchairs/mobile chairs in accessing and securing their properties
  • Auto closers can be fitted to fire doors, ensuring that they are closed automatically in the event of a fire alarm
  • Open or closed on request e.g. as a passageway to a kitchen/dining room. Also linked into the fire alarm to close on trigger
  • Linked into wireless fob based systems or integrated into Environmental Control Systems.

Eden Group can work with Environmental Control System designers and Occupational Therapists in designing and installing these systems. 

These systems can also be installed as a VAT exempt Medical Adaptation. For further information please call Social Care Direct for Health and Social Care on 0131 200 2324 or visit

Please contact us for more information and to discuss your requirements further.

A wide range of makes available and installed depending on specific requirements e.g. Came, Dorma, etc