CCTV uses video cameras in a “closed circuit” rather than broadcast situation, hence the name Closed-Circuit Television.

Eden Group provides a range of CCTV solutions including:

  • CCTV integrated into Video Entry Phone Systems
  • Distribution of camera images across TV distribution systems
  • Small and Large scale CCTV systems with Digital Video Recording (DVR)
  • IP Network camera distribution and recording
  • Customer based remote monitoring and access control
  • Maintenance and Repair, Image retrieval, etc

Remote CCTV viewing is becoming widely available. We can distribute CCTV access via internet technologies to specific client applications, browser based viewers, iPhone and other browser based mobiles. We have a number of customers with CCTV installed in stair cupboards, these store local images that can be downloaded when needed. All sites are linked back to central monitoring software.

Please contact us for access to demo applications and to discuss your requirements.