Integrated Solutions

Access Control systems can be integrated into other technology solutions, the ability to do this has been around for a while.  An example is the ability to have a fob reader system working alongside an existing door entry system.  Many modern blocks will have a door entry solution with fob access linked to a high strength locking mechanism e.g. a magnetic lock.

Integrated access control systems are increasing all the time and this somewhat seen a rapidly uptake of with network conected solutions based on IP technology.  A simple access control can be linked to a computer network and provide a managed user database for fob or card swip access.  The early stage of biometrics is also passing with more robust and reliable solutions.

Below are some examples of access control integration:

  • Locally networked and managed solutions
  • Multi user environments
  • Real-time reporting
  • distributed systems across multiple sites
  • integrated with CCTV systems
  • integrated with TV systems
  • 1- 100s of doors
  • Remotely managed appartments

Eden Group have a unique design allowing appartments (holiday lets, short term lets, etc) to be managed remotly.

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